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Learn to discover beauty

Nina does a wonderful job of exploring different ways of finding and appreciating beauty in the world around us. As humans, we all need beauty. It’s necessary for our souks’ peace. Nina and her guests help you recognize it and embrace it.

Pleasure to listen!

Your Podcast has been enjoyable as well as enlightening! It is always nice to hear another person’s perspective on a particular topic but this has really broadened my vision on a topic where everyone has an opinion but rarely thinks about on such a deep level. Beauty is perceived by everyone every day but rarely do we do a deep dive into what it is about something or someone that makes it beautiful. Thanks…!

Deep, thoughtful and fun!

Nina has a unique sensibility and teases out the really interesting ideas via her consummate skill as a interviewer. She is deeply involved and ever-curious. A real joy to listen to!

The podcast we all need after so much unrest

In a world where we are encouraged to move onto the next moment and search for the “better” and “best” next thing or experience to find beauty, Nina opens a dialogue and invites us make direct inquiry into the experience and ideas around beauty and where we can experience it. This is the inquiry and conversation for our time. In a world where the onslaught of ugliness can be so all encompassing, the ability to see beauty is more important than ever. I cannot wait to hear more about the insights, revelations and wisdom that comes from this much needed exploration of beauty, so we can balance out our collective hearts and mind.

The idea of this, now, is literally breathtaking. I can’t wait.

The idea of this, now, is literally breathtaking. I can’t wait. Beauty. It’s a word that I think we’ve begun to define it so narrowly that we lose sight of so much. We get stuck running on the same track we forget to stop and take a new perspective. The changing ideals of beauty from our physical forms to clothing and architecture from age to age not only in our century but over time….gosh this is such a richly faceted idea I’m excited. I find “This is Beauty” an especially wonderful idea right now because we’re all so stressed out SOmEboDY has got to help us remember how to stop and smell the roses.

Universally applicable...

Refreshingly smart and uncommonly far reaching in scope, Nina Kins' podcast bravely explores the deeply complex motivations of humankind. The guests are of the highest caliber. Nina impeccably researches each subject, expertly navigating the intersubjective arena and penetrating the underlying philosophy. I look forward to each episode - a creatively unique and entertaining excursion.