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Beauty Now- A Zillennial Perspective

September 15, 2022

Beauty Now- A Zillennial Perspective
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In this candid and wide-ranging interview, we listen to one Zillennial as she attempts to help us decipher her generation's views on Beauty, fashion, and gender.

Today's guest is Laura Anne Simpkins. Laura Anne, who is a full-time student at UNO majoring in history, belongs to a somewhat unique demographic; people born between 1993-1999, frequently referred to by social scientists as Zillennials or "Gen-Z".  

Wedged between the more seismic Millennials and Gen-Z populations, Gen-Z is sometimes known as the "lost" generation, a term which belies its importance as a transitional population at the vanguard of enormous societal changes, particularly as they relate to attitudes and behaviors around Beauty, identity and culture. 

In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss some of these changes as Laura speaks candidly about her own experiences and views on Beauty, culture and society, but also shares her perspectives on Gen-Z attitudes around dating, men, gender-neutral fashion, personas and non-binary identification.

In listening to Laura Anne talk, one thing quickly becomes clear. Compared to the generations that precede them, Zillennials appear to view the concept of Beauty in far more expansive and democratic terms. For many of these younger adults, Beauty is about a lot of things; creativity, play, self-expression, personal identity, self-love, self-care and persona cultivation; a field open to all, regardless of sexual-orientation or identity.

What you rarely hear in this conversation, however, are conflations between concepts of Beauty and sex. I