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Welcome to Beauty

I’m Nina Kins, the producer, host and creator of This is Beauty, the first original podcast to explore the theme of “beauty” writ large.

While you can read more about me below,  the truth is that nothing I have ever done, achieved, or experienced will probably ever seem adequate in the face of such an enormously complex and powerful subject.

Many days I find myself feeling like a hungry child standing in front of a bakery window filled with every possible confection; like some virtual cornucopia of beauty that’s far too big for any one person to take in, much less eat.

What I’ve so far learned about beauty could probably fill a thimble or a tome, depending upon the day. Yet this podcast has only just begun to scratch the surface of beauty’s true heart. Where this journey will lead is anyone’s guess.

Beauty means different things to each of us, but beauty’s heart and beauty’s truth are nurtured by the experiences we share and the stories we tell. We amplify beauty’s voice when we share our beautiful moments, thoughts, ideas, experiences and dreams with other people. We feed beauty with the moments of our lives and, in turn, beauty feeds us right back.

So, as we head into Season 2 of our podcast, I invite you to consider this question: What does beauty mean to you? Drop us a line here and let us know. We’d love to share your thoughts, stories and ideas about beauty on this podcast.

Always In beauty,


About the Host

Nina KinsProfile Photo

Nina Kins

Host, Producer

Writer, producer, experiential beauty investigator; host of the This is Beauty podcast.

-Asks too many questions.
-Restless. Curious. Idealistic.
-Loves beautiful things.
-Fascinated by big ideas, science, history, culture society and technology.
-Passionate about beauty, justice, travel, lions, parrots, French-lavender, English gardens, literature, poetry, and a good bottle of dry red wine.

Forever tugging at the sleeve of the universe and asking lots of questions like, “What is beauty? Where can it be found, and why is so important to us all?”