Welcome to This is Beauty, where the search for real beauty begins...
Welcome to This is Beauty Podcast

Explore the unbounded intersections between beauty, our world, and personal experience, in this podcast as we take on the enormously complex, and often controversial subject of beauty. Join host Nina Kins on a fascinating, awe-inspiring and visceral journey deep into the beating heart of one of life's most sacred, powerful and profound experiences. This is Beauty Podc…

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About the Host

Nina KinsProfile Photo

Nina Kins

Host, Producer

Writer, producer, experiential beauty investigator; host of the This is Beauty podcast.

-Asks too many questions.
-Restless. Curious. Idealistic.
-Loves beautiful things.
-Fascinated by big ideas, science, history, culture society and technology.
-Passionate about beauty, justice, travel, lions, parrots, French-lavender, English gardens, literature, poetry, and a good bottle of dry red wine.

Forever tugging at the sleeve of the universe and asking lots of questions like, “What is beauty? Where can it be found, and why is so important to us all?”